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B1 Road Safety Campaign Launched

The National Road Safety Council and its stakeholders launched a very ambitious month long campaign targeting the B1 Road stretching from Otavi through Otjiwarongo until Okahandja. This campaign, focusing largely on the B1 Route, is aimed at mitigating the impact of road crashes and deter traffic violations on the B1 highway. The campaign is themed “Let’s Be One on B1”, signifying that all road users must have a safety conscious mindset on this section of the B1 Road.

In a noble move to reduce road accidents on the B1 highway, the National Road Safety Council and its key stakeholders namely the Namibian Police Force, Roads Authority, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Windhoek City Police Traffic Management Unit as well as the Otjiwarongo Municipal Traffic Unit has embarked on a road safety initiative that is running from 19 March 1014 until 21 April 2014.

As an incentive for good behavior on the road, there is a fuel voucher competition in which road users who will participate stands a chance of winning fuel vouchers worth N$ 300.00 each. The universal principle of distance over time will apply in determining winners in this competition across the three (3) towns, whereas each voucher will have unique features that would differentiate such vouchers from any other. The process would be audited at the end of the competition in order eliminate any possibility of undesirable outcomes. Activations for this competition will take place at the following roadblocks:

  • Okahandja Roadblock - Temporary
  • Otjiwarongo Roadblock - Permanent
  • Otavi Roadblock - Temporary

The activations are mainly to ensure arrival times are noted and stamped on the fuel voucher as well as arrival time at the final roadblock between these three roadblocks.

The dates for the activations:

Week 1 - 03rd to 06th April
Week 2 - 10th to 13th April
Week 3 - 16th to 21st April

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